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Where to find Zuny ?

Thanks for interesting in Zuny. Since Zuny now can be found in more than 34 countries around the world, please move to the "Contact" section and let us know what items are needed. We will help you as soon as possible. 

Real leather?

Following the principle of the brand to stay no harm to animals, the main materials of iconic Zuny products, such as bookends, paperweights and doorstops are synthetic leather. The synthetic leather is designed for long-term usage under proper storing environment but still with natural longevity.

Product Care?

* All Zuny Products must be used in accordance with
   the purposes for which they were designed.

* Avoid exposure to heat and light.

* Avoid high temperatures and unventilated environments.

* Avoid humid environment above 60% RH (Relative Humidity)

With normal and correct usage, simply dusting the surface of the synthetic leather with a damp microfiber cloth is all it takes. Using a small amount of neutrally caring oil for leather every three months could also extend the longevity of the products.

Color Differences?

Color differences between production lots cannot be avoided. The product photo on website is for reference only. Please make the object as the standard.

Broken Items?

Warranty terms might be varied among countries under local laws and the buying receipt is always needed. For all warranty related inquiries, please contact your buying stores and our authorized distributors first to help.

Products that are mistreated will not be covered within Warranty. Please store the valid receipt and the manual carefully for guaranteeing your warranty.